Before & After

I have never been to Crufts! I will never go to Crufts! Pedigree dog breeding is the bane of my life. People breed dogs and they become fashionable. Dogs should never be fashion items (especially not Chihuahuas).  When fashionable, they become expensive. They become a source of quick money for […]

Rescue Me!

nasty loo
The Ugly House had some seriously rum bathrooms! It had the most amazing ensuite! Seeing is believing! I dedicated a whole page to that! There were 3 bathrooms and a loo. The other bathroom were not quite as spectacular but they did have special features… like shower mushrooms! The bathroom […]

Transforming Ugly Bathrooms

I can’t get too excited about hallways but they are the first thing you see. We couldn’t afford oak and glass staircase costs so the aim was to simply brighten it up When we demolished the garage and downstairs loo, it turned out the porch wall wasn’t attached to the […]

Hallway Makeover