Slate tile shenanigans! I have had an unfortunate experience in The Ugly House with tiles! I wanted white floor tiles in the kitchen to match the white work surfaces and white cupboards! Clinical, I know! We couldn’t afford natural limestone /flagstone flooring so I was persuaded to have black slate […]

Need floor tiles laid? Check the Eck!

This isn’t funny! This is sensible advice! I have to confess to being an architect’s nightmare! We knew exactly what we wanted. Not a good thing for an architect who wants to do what they wanted. We wanted the house to look like it hadn’t been extended from the front. […]


WARNING! Rude, vulgar and dirty (and thats just the workmen!!!! I wrote this a year ago this week, in the middle of the messiest part of the build where I finally had to move out for a month as The Ugly House was uninhabitable. It was on my ‘other’ blog […]

Men at work!