Trump Victory Celebration Song! New words to a golden oldie! Sing along! 3

Trump victory celebration song!

The world still turns! I’ve found the perfect song for this special Presidential Election day! A golden Oldie – and I’m not talking Trump! This song, the original version, made me cry as a child.  The new words make me cry today!

I have written out the words so you can sing along! Link to the original below to provide the music and melancholy!

In the Ghetto!

As the shit flies
On a cold and grey November mornin’
A misogynist racist xenophobic president is sworn in
I need an espresso


And Reason cries
‘Cause if there’s one thing the world don’t need
Is a power-hungry crazy Trump’s greed
He’s so falsetto


Americans, don’t you understand
Morality needs a helping hand
Or he’ll grow violence and anger in American’s today?
Take a look at the free
Are you too blind to see
Do we simply turn our heads, and look the other way?


Well, the world’s concerned
And the misogynist clown, grabbing pantie hose
Now gets to issue some terrible blows
Creating a ghetto


And his hunger burns
So he’ll start to erode human right
Let’s hope they are made of steel and know how to fight
In the congresso


This election, in desperation
American’s break away
They want their guns, they don’t care
Who gets maginalised, It wont be fair
And Innocence cries


As crowds gather round the angry wigged man
Face orange, with all our futures in his hand
Like a volcano


And as the American dream dies
On a cold and grey November mornin’
A new world order is born
I hear the echo

Just like Hitler’s lies
(remember that ghetto)

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3 thoughts on “Trump Victory Celebration Song! New words to a golden oldie! Sing along!

  • Ann Abell

    Jane you have done it again, utterly brilliant . Every word rings out the truth just like Elvis’s song all those years ago. The difference being it affects everyone not just poor People. Then to top it all you ended with the King something Trump will never be.

  • Patsy Stewart

    Was so pleased to see this. Wish I could hear it every morning so I would know people understand what is at stake.