Welcome to The Ugly House- where I endeavour to make beautiful art and crafts.
My passion is fibre art, in particular needle felting and wet felting. This is done using wool, and sometimes other fibres like silk. I love the tactile textural effect of using fibre. I have always been arty (occasionally farty) but it has only been since I gave up teaching history that I have been able to really explore and create. I am mostly self taught and always learning.

Everything is hand crafted with lots of love and the occasional swear word. (Need felting needles are sharp and barbed!)

 I do commissions. Please ask 🙂

The background- The Ugly House got its name when we purchased a very ugly house and renovated it. When it was finished I crafted things to make my Ugly House into a home and I haven’t stopped since! Everything I make, I have a version of it in my home. I start by making something I love, then I make more to share. My first felt portrait was my of my daughter. One of my dogs feature in my pet portrait gallery (and when I get time I will do the other!)