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I shared this rainbows and butterflies textile piece on Social Media. I made it in response to all the rainbows being shared during lockdown for Corona Virus. I was asked (and offered) to share my processes for using Lutradur for those who use Free motion Machine embroidery so I thought […]

Lutradur Tutorial

Normally, I can barely muster a pot noodle when I’m feeling down. These are not normal times. I feel like a weird stepford wife in a strange disaster movie. I have just baked a lovely white loaf of bread and broccoli and stilton soup – all from scratch… for lunch […]

And I bake Bread… again

Missy was 6 months old when she was evicted along with her 9 sibling-brother-mother-lover family from their council house den of inequity. Either there was some serious interbreeding going on or Missy is just plain unlucky that she looks like an old man gurning in a tyre. She sure as […]

Missy Pissy Pants