Ugly Pugily

When we took on the Ugly House to renovate and extend we decided to also adopt a rescue dog!

Ugly Pugily




Meet Puggy (aka Pugily, formally known as Rio)







Like the Ugly House, Puggy needed some serious TLC to make him acceptable. Like the Ugly House he is still a work-in-progess.

He is a¬†chihuahua- ¬†boston terrier cross. He looks silly but cute. He is seriously messed up. He’s a biter. He bites you if he hates you, loves you, wants to play or doesn’t. He’s been mistreated. When we got him his neck and belly were furless and he was terrified. He was mostly terrified of old ladies! The more confident he got, the more hairy and bitey he got. We stopped him attacking people and dogs by spraying him with a comedy water spraying joke ring. He didn’t like it so he stopped full on attacks. Now he will peacefully co-exisit with visitors as long as they dont look at him, talk to him or touch him.

He loved Lily our other old cat who died during the build. He is afraid of Ruby our 17 year old cat but desperately wants to play with her.

Once he trusts you he is the sweetest most loving dog ever… but he will still bite your nose given half a chance!

He features on here as now the house is finished we have a fully co-ordinated wardrobe for him to match the interior design. When he’s not dressed for best he matches the predominate theme of white and slate! Perfect!